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is where two men stick their dicks together using their skin of their penis' and a little bit of spit.
God damn son, come over here with that tasty little weiner of yours and we will begin some crazy ass dick docking boo
by D-No August 26, 2008
the irritation of the groin area due to prolonged running. Red, Itchy and just a complete bitch chaifing mainly occurs at football practice
I'm chaifing my dick off, and this coach is a real asshole.
by d-no April 18, 2007
An extreme party girl who hooks up with lots of random men. You can usually find her wandering around a bar/frat house/hotel lobby/or basement while topless and double fisting her favorite drink.
" Oh Alli, you were such a booskeezy tonight - did you see all those guys you gave topless lapdances to?! "
Source: D-No, Urbana
by D-No September 29, 2005

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