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207 definitions by d

Keeper of the Grove. In Warcraft III, it is a night elf intelligence hero. Has Entangle, Force of Nature, Thorns Aura, and Tranquility.
My KOTG owned his grunt with Entangle.
by d July 25, 2003
29 12
1)A small gurl.
2)Pictures are no longer sumtin 2 help u remember the past wit her, but sumtin to make you wonder wat crime she has commited
3)Going out wit her future hubby
4)Looks like a lion when sleepin
5)See attitude
"(tilts head and looks through top of glasses)No hunny!"
by D February 05, 2004
49 34
another word for a gun
A dog, pass me my hamma, I'm bout to get this bama!
by D March 18, 2005
41 26
beat someones ass!
don't get pieced-up!
by D October 21, 2003
20 5
the act of being very fat and when people compare you to the whale "shamu"
That girls looks like shamu's twin.
by d April 19, 2004
42 28
a sodomy circle is when a bunch of gay guys have a orgy and they stick their dicks up the guy's (in front of them)ass at an angle so they form a circle
Wow those guys are really hardcore gay, they are doing a sodomy circle
by d February 28, 2004
36 23
a new word for blunt or mary-jane roll
A. Last night i was smokin the doobi with a friend of mine.

B. Why the fuck didn't u call me
by D January 31, 2004
24 11