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To sit in a corner and cry pathetically and wallow in self pity, possibly while watching Twilight
Guy 1: Dude, my girlfriend broke up with me yesterday. I've been timming off all night...

Guy 2: That sucks, I timmed off for a week straight after my dog died last month... I had almost forgoten how gay Twilight is and how much I hate it.

Guy 3: You guys are so pathetic that its making me wanna go tim off...
by cwatts22 July 09, 2010
You got served.

Referring to Google using the word to catch Bing stealing their search results.
"Google planted fake words like hiybbprqag in their search engine, then watched them pop up in Bing's results a few months later. Evidently, hiybbprqag is a word meaning 'you got served.'" -Stephen Colbert

Microsoft... hiybbprqag
by cwatts22 February 04, 2011
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