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noun ~ a generic moniker for a friend or acquaintance who lacks rudimentary tact in almost every non essential social situation. Poodicks are habitually late, but must attend everything. They posses severe stigmatisms, yet wear no corrective lenses. They are blonde, but also Mexican.
Man, where is Goodwin, He is such a poodick!
by Mugz79 May 28, 2007
29 8
Another way of saying "fag". A challenge to a heterosexual's manhood. Usually between good friends.
Hey poodick, are you going to talk to that hot chick or not?
by CW February 15, 2004
15 6
When a penis enters a dirty asshole and the receiving end has to shit. When the penis falls out, there is shit all over it. It smells like dogbreath
Wow, that stupid guy has poodick from her dirty asshole.
by Ashley Anderson June 10, 2008
7 2
A mexican who thinks he is all that but he actually aint. Sometimes from southern united states and goes to high school. Also thinks he is better and always talks about fighting someone.
Eliud Rosalas is a poodick for sayin shit about fighting me.
by south terrebonne April 27, 2009
5 12