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Intercourse with someone's back fat. The ample folds of fat are pushed together to create cleavage, between which the man thrusts.
Cody: Dude how was your trip to Janesville?
Austin: Dude I met this chick and pulled a Wisconsin back bacon by the dumpster behind the VFW.
by cuttlefish_and_asparagus May 01, 2011
When a person takes a word or phrase from what you just said, and uses it in a completely unrelated, usually tedious and annoying context. "Wordjackers" think they are actually engaged in dialogue, when in fact their behavior demands immediate physical punishment.
Shawna: Did you see Christian Bale in The Machinist?
Trixie: No but my unemployed stepdad is a machinist!
Shawna: Don't wordjack me! (kicks Trixie in the face)
by cuttlefish_and_asparagus May 01, 2011
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