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Another way of saying The Penis
Susie is a whore. She's always riding the Great American Sausage into the sunset
by curtHendzell September 06, 2007
When you're having anal sex with a chick who's on all fours, and she's crawling forward slowly to compensate for your thrusts, thereby transporting you around the bedroom, kitchen, etc.
Dude, when I was with Maria last night, she totally had me in the Spanish Taxi.

Hey, did you hear about Julie? They say she's a real Spanish Taxi Driver.
by curtHendzell June 01, 2010
Having sex with not one, but two redheads at once. Twins preferred. Basically living out a fantasy of being Hugh Hefner, but with redheads replacing blondes.
Dude, I was in Vegas, I totally had to go Double Irish a the bunny ranch while I was there.
by curtHendzell October 21, 2010
A vagina. Specifically, a vagina that accepts penis.
I don't care for anal. Give me tuna chute all the way!
by curtHendzell June 05, 2010
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