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word describing utter greatness

vishnu and cullen's new found word
dude, that movie is SHIBBY!
by cullen August 05, 2004
any girl without a degree

shuddup wainch you stupid

huuh huh huh heh huh
by cullen June 03, 2003
the male reproductive organ that allows for pleasure and arousal
the motto for the summer is 'FREE POONHAUSI!'
by cullen November 09, 2004
the rump of a female (or male)
"damn. that's a sweet poonbistro. ROUND!"
by cullen November 09, 2004
the boobies of a woman or female animal (or over-weight male)
"i receieved some poonsy from a total stranger."
by cullen November 09, 2004
generally used to describe someone (i.e. "he's being a real sportsman," or "I was a sportsman all day today") who is holding back a shit, and is consistently busting farts, all the while holding in the shit, which then evolves into a turtle head.
Nick was a real sportsman today while he was at work.
by cullen March 23, 2004
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