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The most well-known horse acting in Hollywood at present. Famed for playing human parts, most notably the lead role in Sex and the City.
I hear they are remaking Mr Ed, Sarah Jessica Seabiscuit is going to play the love interest.
by Cuddles McStig May 21, 2008
Someone who is so distressed by the prospect of not being able to access their emails for a few minutes that they insist on emailing on their Blackberry while using the office toilets. Easily identified by the tell-tale sounds of the keypad and scroll wheel.
Garry's a really dedicated small cubicle worker. You always hear him tapping away in there.
by Cuddles McStig June 09, 2008
Someone who becomes highly emotional when presented with televised sob stories. These people will empathize completely with anyone on television, especially those appearing on daytime talk shows.
I can't help crying when I watch Oprah, I'm very telemotional you know.
by Cuddles McStig June 09, 2008
A smaller, shrub-like relative of the ugly tree. It shares the ugly tree's ability to trigger ugliness on contact.
Bob looks like he fell out of the ugly tree, hit every branch on the way down and then landed awkwardly in the gruesome bush.
by Cuddles McStig June 19, 2008
To vent a series of unrelated complaints, one after another without pause.
Why'd you put the phone down in the middle of your call?

It's just Mary, she's on a whinge binge and I can't be bothered listening.
by Cuddles McStig June 19, 2008
The single flake that exists in every bowl of cereal that will cause milk to shoot sideways across the table when poured on it.
Damn it, why must there always be a milk launcher?
by Cuddles McStig May 27, 2008
A custom originating in Italy, firenzo is when all cars queued at red traffic lights accelerate as quickly as possible as soon as the lights turn green, regardless of the number of cars stopped ahead of them. This appears similar to Formula 1 starts.
The guy behind me is revving, must be gearing up for a firenzo.
by Cuddles McStig May 21, 2008

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