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A person whose bookish pursuits extend only to pornographic material.
Look at Josh, he's such a poindexter.
No, he's actually a porndexter. It might look like he's reading an encyclopedia but there's actually a copy of Playboy hidden inside.
by Cuddles McStig December 11, 2008
Someone who is very much into sex, yet socially inept; someone who only gets laid by prostitutes and mail-order brides
"Yo man who's that creep in the corner starin' at them girls' titties?"
"That's just TJ, bro. Kid's a porndexter."
by Dick P. McJohnson December 16, 2008
Someone that knows so much about the plot or how a porno is made, that it's ridiculous.
John: Dude, last night we watched that Hustler parody, then Bob started rambling on how all the special effects for no reason.

Gary: I know that guy is such a Porndexter.
by pingasface July 25, 2011

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