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Jateri, a person that owns people called Clarion, and dominates them in various ways.
Woa, did you see how Jateri dominated that Clarion.
by Cube January 11, 2005
A irc chat channel on gamesnet that is just there for chatting. Most the time just empty or has a few idlers.
I went on #weinre on irc just to find out plp wernt there.
by CuBe September 15, 2003
A weird name for a irc chat channel on gamesnet
by CuBe September 15, 2003
same thing as padiddle only pronounced fadiddle in Erie, Pennsylvania by the coolest members of the McDowell Lacrosse Team
person 1: that car only has on headlight lit up, weird
person 2:Fadiddle!,u gotta take something off sry
by cube March 06, 2005
The state of being hot. Your hottness depends on how blinde you are.
"You only like her because she's blinde!"

"She's only hot because she's blinde."
by Cube December 05, 2004
(1) Misspelling of the word spammer
(2) Combination of the words spammer and lamer.
(1) That moron spelled spammer wrong. What an idiot.
(2) Wow, that guy says stupid things repeatedly. He's a spamer!
by Cube July 21, 2004

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