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n. a punch in the nuts.
1. During exuberant play the toddler gave his dad an accidental junk shot he's staggering to recover from.

2. During exuberant drilling BP's negligent greed gave the planet a junk shot that it's staggering to recover from.
by ctrlU May 27, 2010
n. A unit of evil or unhealthiness against which all other things are measured.
1. Twice the calories than a big mac
2. Half the fat than a big mac
3. One eighth the sodium than a big mac
4. More racist than a big mac
5. Ten times more radiation than a big mac
6. More unprotected sex than a big mac
7. More greedy than a big mac
8. 18 more mpg than a big mac
9. Bigger boobs than a big mac
10. half as ugly as a big mac
11. More deadly than two big macs
12. Smells like a steaming heap of big macs

by ctrlU April 15, 2011
Phrase describing a popular belief that is held and promoted but which is not actually true.

False information that has not yet made the transition to Old Wives Tale.
Examples of Common Nonsense:

1. Corporal punishment improves behavior.
2. If you don't wear a hat you'll catch a cold.
3. Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11.
4. If you shave something the hair grows back thicker.
5. Your hair and nails keep growing after you die.
6. The world used to be a safer place.
by ctrlU October 04, 2010
n. The bizarre contortions that are performed by tech support people to get at hard-to-reach equipment. Often practitioners surprise observers because they appear otherwise incapable or averse to any physically strenuous activity.
User #1: Did you get your mouse working again?
User #2: Turns out it was just unplugged. The IT guy came up and did a little Nerd Yoga to get it back in.
User #1: That guy can really bend himself into weird shapes.
User #2 True dat.
by ctrlU March 29, 2010
The colourful festive debris of wrapping paper scraps, bows, ribbon, and packaging that covers a room after the presents have all been opened.
It looks like a Christmas Bomb went off in here!
by ctrlU December 25, 2010
To completely overreact to a situation. Obviously meant to apply to women but doubly effective when applied to a man, implying they are, in fact, actually a woman.
Thomas: We're going to be late again! We have to leave and you're still sorting mail and need a wash!

Percy: Ok, don't shit yer snatch! The fat controller can wait two minutes!
by ctrlU October 18, 2010
abbrev.: "Ready To Drop Two"

meaning: pregnant and carrying twins
Bill: Hey have you seen Kate lately? She's HUGE!
Rob: I know man, she's R2D2.
by ctrlU June 04, 2012

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