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An amazing girl that is trusted by all her friends. A Katie has gorgeous eyes and she has a beautiful smile. Most Katies are quite classy, and never go too far with anything. They know exactly what to do in any situation. They are wise, confident, unique, and very extraordinary.
Wow, Katie sure looks beautiful today, as always.
by csa_orc2013 July 15, 2010
An unpleasant sensation in your pants that causes your penis to spontaniously jerk around in a spastic manner.
Why is your penis flailing around in your pants?

Oh, its nothing, just a penis panic.
by csa_orc2013 July 15, 2010
A pussy son of a bitch. desnt take no for an answer. Manipulative and contolling bastard who epects everyone to suck up to him. Plays it all tough but when it comes down to it, he handles things like a 5 year old.
Travis is a dick
by csa_orc2013 July 15, 2010

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