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Despite the common sterotype, not everyone in fallston gets everything handed to them on a silver platter. Though there are few, some of us acually have to work for our cars and our nice cloths. And on that note, not all of us are preppy collar poping hoe's:see john caroll. Fallston high, also known as herion high, for good reason of corse...but at least we're not known as "the duck farmers right?"So Fallstoners bitch a lot? Thats probably due to the fact that: THERE'S NOTHING TO DO.

Things to do include:

Getting fucked up ie:drinking and smoking

Going to the harford "mall"

And Friday night Football games.

Our football team is pretty much a disgrace-we know it, you dont have to remind us. And despite our football team we manage to kick ass in soccer,lacrosse ect. Fallston high is pretty clicky but we all know how to party. The school doesn't have very many windows, probably because half the school has A.D.D though if they had windows it wouldnt make a difference no one pays attention to the tight ass teachers anyway. We're not as reedy as everyone thinks we raise money all the time for things like katrina and the tsuami that happened last year. Over 6,000 dollars bitch. Dont say we're self ritchous.

Then there's the marching band, a click that only dates in itself. If you break the rule, youre considered an outcast. If you join, you may never get out. They have their own homecomming, because they've been seriously mislead in thinking they are exclusive.
"Dude the spinning rims for my escalade came in."
"Ohh,i didnt know you went to Fallston."
by crzioutacontrol September 24, 2005

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