69 definitions by criostoirhulme

A person from Dublin
A true Dub a person born in Dublin
by CriostoirHulme July 31, 2005
A Friendship Handshake -
the woman in your life (your best friend and soul mate) gives you a hand job.
The sexspecialist gave me a FH
by CriostoirHulme August 09, 2005
craves her partnership
My friend lost his heart to a young woman recently and he chp
by CriostoirHulme August 08, 2005
fatality erodes togetherness
Most of us hate going to funerals as they remind us that fet
by CriostoirHulme August 06, 2005
beautiful articulate babe
I was walking around town yesterday and I met a bab
by CriostoirHulme August 05, 2005
Relatively speaking - a great sister
The man told me his younger sister was ags
by CriostoirHulme August 09, 2005
intelligence driven orthodoxy
She cast him aside because his gentle manner was of ido
by CriostoirHulme August 05, 2005

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