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Porn is images intended to cause sexual arousal, typically used by teenage males whose balls haven't dropped yet or teenage males who haven't gotten laid, whichever comes first, although some women have been known to use porn as well, surprising as it may sound. Images usually depict females, sometimes regardless of age and activity being shown. Porn is largely in the form of images and videos, although there are many, secondary forms of this arousing media. Images and videos are merely the most common and by far the easiest to find, thanks to the internet. Porn has been described as being the visual equivalent of crack, and has been called, creatively enough, "crack for the eyes", and oddly enough behaves in quite the same way. Porn is, by definition, a full-fledged addiction, and its previously described potency is a primary reason why its usage can be extremely damaging to others. Whether the user cares about the effects of his or her porn consumption or not is irrelevant, because addicts will go back to it eventually, whether they like it or not. Frequency of use can be random or so predictable that it can be comparable to clockwork. Because porn use is ultimately based on our basic human instinct to reproduce, not only does it make it difficult for people who wish to stop watching porn quit altogether, but it also turns the mental process of an otherwise intelligent man or woman into something similar to a computer.
How porn works: "Password accepted. Thought process disengaged. Switching to primal instinct mode."
by crichton55 July 19, 2011

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