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A girl who can stick up for herself but will let a southern gentleman help her for courtesies sake. She know how to to handle herself in just about any situation. She can throw a punch so don't get fresh on her. She can be sly and slippery so don't let go. She's always ready for anything and can change for the atmosphere of the evening.
Don't ever disrespect a Texas girl 'cause she gotta a daddy and brother at home who can and will kick your ass. She loves her family and will do anything for them. She loves animals, especially puppies. She can be tender and she can be mean as a rattlesnake. Treat a Texas Girl right and she'll stick by you.
She knows how to drive a manual, tractor, motorcycles, and trucks
by Cream July 03, 2012
one who steals poo
anna williams
by cream January 09, 2004

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