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a (crappy) foreign car (from asia) worth virtually nothing and with no racing capability outfitted to look like a sports car complete with spoiler, rims, etc ad nauseum.
Ever since Vin Diesel drove a rice mobile in the Fast and the Furious, all the ginzos I know have one.
by crazy mike November 07, 2003
a person from India who makes mad cash or has mad cash but refuses to spend a dime of it
Adi is a Hinjew who returns $3 pencils for $2 pencils, because that $1 means alot to the rich bastard.
by crazy mike April 30, 2004
a mobster of italian origin; mafioso. Derived from ethnic stereotyping of Italian's noses.
The bentnoses came in today asking for protection money.
by crazy mike November 07, 2003

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