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A device used to Plunge the Klunge (Vagina).
A.K.A A dildo
Jeez, i just caught your sister using her Klunge plunger.
by crashandburnds December 15, 2009
A person that enjoys moving vast quantities of Hob nob (the tasty oaty biscuit) using only the anal cavity.
Daniel: I've got a real bad craving for a hobnob!
Kelly: Wait a minute I'm sure I've got an extra one up here somewhere! There it is!
Daniel: Did you just pull that out your arse?
Kelly: Yer, and there's plenty more where that came from!
Daniel: WTF, Your a Hob-Nob smuggler!
by crashandburnds December 15, 2009
Ditch wank - meaning to pleasure one's self in a ditch with the use of a hand.
I.E - I just had an amazing ditch wank!
by crashandburnds December 14, 2009

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