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3 definitions by crapintosh

Crapintosh v.
Insulting nickname for a person who likes Apple computers.
Crapintosh wore his Mac osX shirt to Drumline practice again today
by crapintosh November 20, 2004
Fagzor McButtsex

Insult derived from the words faggot, butt, sex, and some random irish name.

Invented by benji at SCUF* practice

*(State College Ultimate Frisbee)
1:Yo come here.
2:no f u
1:Fagzor McButtsex, get the f**k over here!
by crapintosh November 20, 2004
Some one who thinks He's a stud but is infact a total asswhole. He thinks he has friends and hosts parties but in fact nobody really likes him.

Yo there's a party tonight at Studler's
Studler Is such an ass but I think I'll go anyway.
by crapintosh January 16, 2006