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A "placeholder" name used in law school hypotheticals. Origin unknown, but used in BarBri prep materials and sample outlines.
Hobie Gates died intestate. Three of his four children predeceased him. One child died without heirs, the other three had two children each. How much will each child receive in a state using per capita representation?
by Cranialsodomy May 07, 2011
A dirty, often dredlocked person, who resembles a hippie, skater punk or homeless youth by his or her unkept appearance and tattered, dirty clothes. Usually found in urban environments asking for change or milling about for no apparent purpose. Often speaks in a derivative of California "surfer" lingo. May be a trustafarian. Similar to a gutter punk but inclusive of trustafarian.
Dude, look at that dirt surfer walking down Division Street. The guy with the dreds, torn BDU bottoms, and no shirt.
by cranialsodomy September 06, 2010
The gap created between a person's pants' waist and their backside caused by bending over, in which their undergarments and/or anal cleft may be visible.
When she bent over, I could totally see her NORGE
by cranialsodomy February 10, 2005
Termite excrement. In the movie "Sideways," the main characters visit a vapid winery called "Frass Canyon."
I found frass in the house... Call the exterminator!
by cranialsodomy March 05, 2005

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