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Cajun word used to describe something awesome or something totally shitty. Synonyms include "kyaw", "baw" and "poo" if it is said in a long drawn out high-pitched voice.
I had to mow the friggin' grass yesterday. Pooyie, it was hot.

Pooyie, that shit is good!
by crackleton February 28, 2010
Tits that are long, thin and droopy. They appear as though there are two dead ferrets hanging from a woman's chest. See sock tits.
Dude 1: Man, that chick is hot. Why don't you run wing man with her friend so I can take her back to the hotel?
Dude 2: Fuck that! That bitch has ferret tits.
Dude 1: I know she has ferret tits. That's the one I want.
Dude 2: You're sick, Tony.
by crackleton January 24, 2011
When the turtle head poops out, but is not fully dislodged. As your bum checks are nice and smoothe, the full poop is in tack. However, in a sudden panic, your bum cheeks squash together fastly and snib (break) the poop which in turn releases and falls south. Half still inside ya and the other half at bottom of your leg.
My inside leg is now warm. My turtlehead got snibbed and fell off.
by crackleton September 30, 2010

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