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Creole/Cajun sausage usually filled with rice and/or an assortment of meats(pork, chicken, beef)
That was the best boudin I have ever had.
by Jai Lachelle May 11, 2009
French. Literally translates as blood sausage. Used as an insult, usually for an unattractive woman. Highly offensive.
Pierre: Marie, vous êtes un boudin.
Marie: Va te faire foutre, Pierre!

Pierre: Marie, you are a boudin.
Marie: Go fuck yourself, Pierre!
by MacKay July 05, 2006
Some good ass food from the south side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guy 1= "Damn dat was some good ass boudin"
Guy 2= "Fuck yea!!!!!!!!!"
by LafayetteBoi July 26, 2008