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One of the most diobolical technoligies invented by soccer moms. It blocks "inappropriate content" anything rated TV14 and up. The most pointless things invented too.
My parents got a tv with a v-chip!
by Cpt.Bob October 05, 2003
The reason I joined the marching band.
Screw Gym, I'm going to Band
by Cpt.Bob October 16, 2003
and was beaten within an inch of his life by White Mage's giant mallet
Black Mage is Uber-powerful, but a total pervert.
by Cpt.Bob October 19, 2003
A large, heavy object often used in acts of cartoon violence such as Wile E. Coyote.
Not only did the Road Runner lead him off the cliff, but he fell into a river and headfirst onto an anvil! And then, Another anvil fell out of nowhere and flattened him! WORDROTFLMAO/WORD!!!
by Cpt.Bob October 30, 2003
In Halo, blue grenades that stick to almost any surface and explode in a cool way.
Pro: don't forget, THE BLUE ONES STICK.
Newbie: *accidentally sticks on to back of Pro's head* they what?! oh sh*t!
*Pro has been killed by ally Newbie*
*Newbie has killed self*
Blue team: -2
Red team: 0
by Cpt.Bob October 05, 2003
A neato reality show from the people at FOGNL.
This thursday on Earth, The Americans and the Iraqis go in an all-out brawl!
Only on Fognl
by Cpt.Bob October 19, 2003
1)chick who is hot
2)attractive female
3)see wordRAcaseal/word}
by Cpt.Bob October 18, 2003
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