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an English euphemism for fuck. Used in front of parents, small children, people of the cloth and other situations where profanity is unacceptable. It's meaning is additionally mollified by its funny sound. Some claim it's Russian for "screw off" but this is not true.
Gas is 2.75 a gallon? What the fuschk?
by cosmo August 17, 2004
Similar to leet, or elite. It means you are the best. It is a Finnish expression, and is only something you can use about a 100% perfect thing.
I'm binlate (i'm the best)
by Cosmo October 15, 2004
A contest held between two or more competitors in which a set amount of beer is ingested by all competitors at regular intervals, usually one beer/minute. A competitor is declared "out" when he or she vomits. The last competitor to have not vomited is the winner. One-on-one domes are usually announced by chants of "Two men enter, one man leaves."

May also be used to refer to the act of participating in a dome.
"I won the dome last night by drinking 13 beers in 13 minutes."


"Did you see those guys doming last night?"
by Cosmo April 20, 2004
When a male augments a traditional moon by tucking his scrotum between his legs, creating something that vaguely resembles two flesh-colored plums in a basket.

See also: fruit salad
Kevin: Should we moon that guy in the H2 at the next stoplight?

Chris: Dude, he got the champagne-colored H2. That's worth at least plums in a basket
by Cosmo November 06, 2007
a condom. combination of jimmy (or jimmy hat) and toe jam.
see jimjams, jim-jams, etc
by Cosmo January 03, 2005
The mandatory three day waiting period between obtaining someone's number and calling them back. So named because obsessive psychopaths categorically fail to pass it.
Kevin: Yo, Chris, you talk to that dime piece you were flirting with over the weekend?

Chris: Naw, man. Still haven't passed the psycho test yet.
by Cosmo August 25, 2008
a half-erect penis. combination of "semi" and "boner." see also partial
"I would totally get up to change the channel but I've got a soner."
by Cosmo April 29, 2004

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