63 definitions by corey

Quickly eaten.
Let's hurry and hork down this pizza so we won't be late for the show.
by Corey October 24, 2002
Most influential singer/songwriter of the 90's. See suicide.
I hate life. I read Kurt's suicide note everyday and listen to Linkin Park.
by Corey April 11, 2005
To be a total moronic.
You fucking butt-cheese, shut up
or he's acting like a total butt-cheese
by Corey January 18, 2005
when you get a chick in the ass and it comes out dirty
i pulled my jackson out of her ass and thought it looked like a fudgesicle
by corey September 28, 2004
It is that thing that others call a pussy but I, being the southerner that I am, call it a poot-scoot because it sounds kewler.
I bet that she got that good poot-scoot, mommy.
by Corey December 05, 2004
a "mom" term for breakfast sausage
Whats for brunch? Snausages!
by corey February 23, 2004
a dick or dicks or people who act like dicks
he is a fuckstickor she sucks my fuckstick
by corey July 23, 2003

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