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2 definitions by coolsam2

When you go into social hibernation, cut-off from reality and go on a solo trip for a period of time.

If you plaster all over facebook and tell the world your plans to go on a solo trip, you are just a POSER.
My boss is driving me nuts at work and my friends are worthless, I think I'm going to hit sociopause soon.

Me: Hey, I'm done with my sociopause.
Friend: What did you do?
Me: Went hiking into the woods by myself for a couple of days.
by coolsam2 October 30, 2011
One who cherishes the failure of all more than the success of all. See's the failure of all as personal success.
Me: I feel bad that I suck at work.
Colleague: We all suck.
Me: Really, that's awesome. I guess I'm intunistic..
by coolsam2 February 28, 2013