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a different way to say freakin/fuckin. its an adjective. fred on youtube uses it a lot.
Fred: Hey, it's Fred! And I'm really hackin' mad right now because Judy hasn't IMed me back all day!

by coolbeans June 14, 2008
a name you call a guy to make fun of him when he is whining about how he has a lot to do.

Girl: Dad, can you help me with my math?

Dad: (whiningly) I have a lot to do! I have to clean the pool, finish our taxes, help your brother with his homework...

Girl: Well Soooorry, Princess Busy.
by coolbeans May 04, 2008
a pissy attitude

(girls talking)

Girl 1: OMG I dont wanna walk the dog I wanna go to the mall!!! Waahhh!!!! UGH I HATE MY LIFE SO MUCH!!!!!!

Girl 2: Stop the pissitude. Shut up.
by coolbeans May 01, 2008
a quicker way to say, "haven't you?"

Girl 1: I broke up with my bf. He was dumb and so were my other two.

Girl 2: Wow, you've had problems in that department, havencha?
by coolbeans May 02, 2008
an adjective to use when something tastes very delicious.

I had a chocolate fudge brownie today, and man, it was yummalifical.
by coolbeans May 20, 2008
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