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3 definitions by cookies

gator boots with the pimped out Gucci suits , aint got no job , but I STAY FLY- cant pay my rent all my money spent but thats ok cause im still FLY

got everythang in my moma name but thats ok cause i stay sharp
have you ever seen the crocodile seats in the truck? turn it round , sit it down and let em BITE YOUR BUTT , see the steering wheel is fendi dash board armani WITH your baby moma NIGGA WHERE you can find me
by cookies February 25, 2005
A scottish tart, one who is not a salmon
That Fraslet is a canny old haggis
by Cookies May 01, 2004
Honger (n).

Hongers are people from Hong Kong who immigrated to another part of the world. They tend to dress in Hong Kong's lastest style(usually one or two years before the fashion hits North America). They tend to hang around in the same age. They tend to drive in Hong Kong's lastest cars.

Another group of people who might say they are hongers are called, honger-wannabe's. Hongers are not people who are born in Hong Kong, who move to North America and speak english 24/7. They are not white-washed, they don't dress weirdly, and don't dress in style. They usually are band geeks, nerds, and/or anime freaks. They try to speak cantonese infront of the real hongers, but they are often excluded in the conversation. And also, they are usually self-centered.
Example of a honger:
Quote "waiwai! lei dim ar?? ho mun ar.. icic, cu, 88, ttul"
Example of a honger wannabe:
Quote "....hey....(gets the attention, but then gets excluded)..what's for homework today?...(ignored)"
by cookies December 29, 2004