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talk to you later
by urlifehk June 29, 2003
When the world has gone to hell, and all proper English has completely been forgotten, people connected to the internet use this acronym to describe the phenomena of them having to talk on the computer at a later date.

The reason this is a complete scar on all of mankind is that it's an acronym that include an abbreviation.

Remember kids, 'You' is spelled with a 'Y', not a 'U'.

When forming acronyms, please keep in mind that, they are meant for shortening speech/text. If someone has to ask you what it means, you have thus failed. It then will require more effort to explain you were trying to be fancy.
George: hey i gtg, i'll ttul.
Samantha: wtf does ttul mean?
George: don't worry about it i gtg.
Samantha: wait, what does it mean, i have to know...
George: *sigh*, omg, okay, it means talk to u later.
Samantha: Oh, i thought that was ttyl.
George: Yeah, but i'm cooler than that.
*Samantha has signed off*
George: wtf.
by giraffesyo April 12, 2010
Talk To 'U' (you) Later
I will ttul.
by care November 30, 2002
abbreviation for talk to you later. Used primarily in instant messaging and is unly used by retards.

The proper acronym is TTYL.
"I am outta here. TTUL" said Paula.
by Jason Q March 22, 2007

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