17 definitions by connie

a captain, someone who is off the heezy for sheezie.
Saturday, we off the heezie fosheezie, you can find me up in Josh Weise.
by Connie January 18, 2004
joel merchen aka dead possum
that lefty liar is friends with that dumb blond bitch...look up dumb blond bitch
by CONNIE February 11, 2004
to attack viciously
I almost died when you ramshackled me on the ice!
by Connie November 19, 2003
joel merchen aka lefty liar
that dead possum looks like joel!
by CONNIE February 11, 2004
to act silly.
Eric, stop being matapang!
by connie June 23, 2003
a person that pisses me off in traffic
Did u see that dickhead cut me off?
by Connie June 23, 2003
derived from chill out and relax, a cocktail of the two making for an economical version of trying to calm a stressed individual down
hey, chillax, it'll grow back soon
chillax everyone
by connie May 31, 2004

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