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The highest form of society and civilization.

1. It is the only period of time that large groups of people, or one-half of the world (ex. Axis vs. Allies.) are working together for a common result: destroying or rendering a different large group, or the other half of the world useless.

2. The result of which spurs economic growth and new jobs, better living conditions, increased education, and studies if human nature.

3. Periods that define most countries independence, great moments in history, generations, (lost generation and the greatest generation).

4. A time during which civilians sacrifice luxuries to promote the well-being of their nation and their military.

5. It is what propels the creation of almost all technology.
War is when tactics, logistics and strategy is employed by the everyone in the world for a commom purpose.
by Connie December 09, 2004
profound disbelief
What did she say about me?, Well, fuckity fuck fuck fuck!!
by Connie June 23, 2003
The word said while humping an object, dead or alive. Meaning of happiness, or horniness.
Look, im humping Cindy, Gigady Gigady Gigady!
by Connie December 24, 2004
A malprovement is what happens when something that is "upgraded" or "improved" turns out worse than before.
Some of the malprovements made to the program were changing it to a web-based application, requiring a login and password, and the extended wait times for each web page to download the unnecessary directories while trying to get to the form I'm looking for when before, all I had to do was open the program.
by Connie September 12, 2004
a sucker of mothers.
I'll kick your ass, you stupid mothersucker!
by connie June 27, 2003
The most iresistable pet squirrel in my back yard. Also meaning totally Spiffy, hot, adorable.
Hey look at that girl, she is so freak'in squikky!
by Connie December 24, 2004
a captain, someone who is off the heezy for sheezie.
Saturday, we off the heezie fosheezie, you can find me up in Josh Weise.
by Connie January 18, 2004
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