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A huge peice of flab hanging from ones stomach, arse, arms, legs and genitals
"Fucking hell you could live on that woplegangers Doplehanger"

"let Me squeeze ur Doplehangers :P"
by conch May 25, 2005
Big Huge nuts that hang so low the scrape the ground
"Ryans a little bitch, go kick him in the Hang-Lows"

"Suck on these Hang-Lows Beatch!!!"
by conch May 23, 2005
An extremely ugly person, another word for ugo, minger, wopleganger etc
"Hes got man boobs, propa gompa like"
by conch June 06, 2005
A extremely large woman with flab on her front that look like nuts
"Chaeck owt the hanglows on that greasey Wopleganger"
by conch May 23, 2005
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