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verb: when one of your friends gets married to a chick that is pure evil. The most common result of which is never seeing your friend again because his new wife has sucked the marrow of life out of your friendship. Used in anger, general despair, or for humorous effect when all you can do is laugh about the whole situation because it's so retarded.
1. Dude, he totally got wifed!
2. She's got him so wifed, he doesn't know his moose-knuckle from a pimply walnut.
or when marriage becomes a quickly-approaching cloud of doom...
3. She's wifing him, man. It's only a matter of time :(
by colin February 25, 2004
A gothic person; dresses in all black and has white skin, like a sharpie marker.
look at that sharpie on the stage!
by colin November 09, 2003
One who has found that all of the religions known (including atheism) have no evidence and that the effort put into any other religion is not worth the minute posibility that it may save their soul.
I could spend 2 hours a week worshiping God, and if i did pick the 0.0001% chance that it was the right religion then i still cannot do all the self-contradicting things the Bible asks
by Colin February 21, 2004
Improper use of the much maligned correct Muahahaha. Often used with much gusto in place of actual intelligence.

Please see Muahahaha.
I ate the eggs....Bwahahaha
by Colin April 09, 2004
A pregnant Camel
That is a git
by Colin September 14, 2003
Alienated by the one you love and who you thought loved you.
See dumped
You got weirded out SON
by Colin October 19, 2004
Uppity: rich
Rich people are Uppity
I thought that buying stocks meant you were "way uppity."
by Colin November 24, 2004

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