102 definitions by colin

a individual that is high in rank. Has all the respect of his/her fellow people.
"Yo wardy got his head check and don't need to earn respect"
by colin November 18, 2003
When someone sees problems everywhere that are amusing to more normal folks, then they are said to be beleagured

Often used as a Noun for one with crazy ideas.
Its the beleagured Josh Horie. Hes WHACK!
by colin January 19, 2005
A young man too yong to be fully gay therefore gayish
In Middle School "You are gayish"
by Colin September 06, 2004
a hard diss on someone u dont like
your a bitch.
good one cuntscab!
by colin November 21, 2003
It's my Phone Number.. for real.
I am a very good-looking, availible women who calls yay vagy for a good time.
by Colin January 13, 2004
big poofter that fiddles with him self whilst staring at chicken
there's bananaman
by colin February 06, 2004
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