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Apparently texting-speak for "atleast". That is, without any space. If you type in 2853277, because you're too dumb to know 'at least' is two words, the phone apparently suggests 'culdart' to you. This editor uses proper keyboards to communicate, but knows people who actually use this like a real word on myspace and such.
im so lonley but culdart i have my teddy bear lolz!!
by ColdFusion September 03, 2009
The back of the knee. Analogous to the krelbow.
Hot Jenny can crack a nut with her popliteal.
by ColdFusion November 04, 2004
a mythological greek hero, but much more interestingly a videogame with a kick-ass plot (drama, death, sacrifice, scary dreams, guys with naked thighs, everything!) for the NES.
"Astyanax... Astyanax... you are chosen or something... come rescue me..." -- dream thingy with groovy music
by ColdFusion July 12, 2003
a high-powered fighting robot evolved from a combination of insect/reptile life and strange metal called 'zoid lignite/magnite'. they come from planet zi and have been bred/evolved into machines that humans can ride in/pilot.
let's have us a zoid battle!
by ColdFusion August 07, 2003
A deadly combination of copious intestinal gas and liquid diarrhea. The resultant combination is surprisingly humorous to everyone but the person it's happening just outside of.
"Aw MAN! I just cleaned that toilet and you had to aerosol the whole thing!"
by ColdFusion October 26, 2005
abbr. of Beaver especially as a nickname of a nickname of one Robert "Beaver" Cleaver.
"Hey Beav, why don't you commit acts of wanton destruction with me?" "Gee, I dunno Wally."
by ColdFusion July 12, 2003
Milly Thompson, the character from Trigun. Partner of Meryl Strife and incredibly tall, hot chick. She's ironically a lightweight and strips when she drinks.
"Put your clothes back on, Milly!"
by ColdFusion July 16, 2003

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