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a dating relationship between two high school freshman, usually very short, pointless, and creating a lot of unnecessary drama
"woah, i never thought they'd hook up"
"bro, its a freshmance, it'll be over before the week is"
by colapsedlungman August 18, 2009
an 18 to 24 year-old male who wears birkenstock sandals, watches family guy, plays ultimate frisbee, and wears an upside-down visor or a baseball cap with a pre-frayed brim, you know, a bro
"you met chad over the internet, is that right?"
'ya, uh, ya i mean he seemed like a pretty cool bro'
by colapsedlungman July 25, 2009
the act of texting a girl named Lexie or Alexis
"Grant, are you lexting right now?"
"haha, ya"
by colapsedlungman August 18, 2009
faking sick, either to skip school work or any other event you wish not to attend.
"I heard Grant's sick today"
"Ha, he's prolly bullsick"
by colapsedlungman September 23, 2009
Home-made hard lemonade sweetened with 2 parts rum in place of 1 part sugar. Can be made from scratch with lemons or with lemonade mix. Delicious yet strong.
Rumonade was a popular alcoholic drink served at Ray-gers.
by colapsedlungman November 01, 2011

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