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Landscaping on a budget.
Nice use of Michelins in your yard. They sure blend in to the landscape! Ghettoscaping FTW!
by cokemidget August 26, 2012
Credit Union lingo for "Members Come First". Credit Unions are like banks, only better, because they use covert phrases to communicate their dedication to excellent customer service.
MCF guys, MCF! There are 12 members in line, why are you doing another mini balance?
by cokemidget March 01, 2008
A person, often a woman, of aboriginal descent, who is drunk and a bitch. Alternatively, one could say "Bastard" instead of "Bitch".
"Watch out, there's a DIB in that car!"
by cokemidget December 09, 2007
A small, family sedan built by German car manufacturer Volkswagen. Jettas are pretty nice, but tend to break down after a couple of years of driving. They are usually purchased by yuppies, homosexuals, and suburban tourists who have money, but not too much money. For this reason, people sometimes refer to the Jetta as the poor man's BMW.
Look at that douchebag driving his Jetta. Who the hell does he think he is? Oh, look he has a passenger, and it's another dude... surprise, surprise...
by cokemidget July 10, 2008
A type of car produced by Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi. Lancers are usually driven by some 24 year old white guy with a sideways hat who is blasting his Tupac CD, who also doesn't realize Tupac stopped being cool about six years ago and the sideways hat makes him look like a bell-end. The driver was most likely duped into thinking he bought a sports car, so he will usually rev his engine to try and race you, but his car can't outrun my 2002 four door civic dx, or my six year old sister who is crippled, deaf, and retarded.
Is that Derwitt's new car? Is that a Lex? Oh wait, it's just a lancer.
by cokemidget July 10, 2008
An individual who drives a Pontiac. This term originates from a marketing slogan used by GM to promote their shitty Pontiac automobiles. However, in recent years it has been more commonly used as a derogatory term, as Pontiacs seem to be the car of choice for those with absolutely no driving skills.
Dude, we start work at 8:00, not 10:30.

I know, I know, I was rear-ended by some stupid bitch driving a pink Sunfire. Fucking Pontiac Drivers!
by cokemidget January 09, 2008

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