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What happens when you throw a grapefruit from a vehicle that is traveling 75+ mph. The grapefruit must roll when it hits the ground (as opposed to "splat", in which case you just smashed a grapefruit which any drunken monkey can do. congrats, you fail at life). The centrifugal force from the spinning causes the juice to push on the skin. After a few seconds of rolling the grapefruit will explode. Warning!!! Geting caught preforming the spinning grapefruit of doom has more dire consiquences than preforming a steaming teakettle on a unsuspecting victim. (charge: "launching a missle from a moving vehicle", possable felony)
"Dude, did you see that spinning grapefruit of doom take out that satanic bunny"

"Great aim, let's try a cantalope"

by coffeepusher November 25, 2006
when you talk a girl into having sex in front of a camera. it is important that she acts like a total slut while she is being filmed, and extra props if she is really raunchy. the main points are she has to vocalise everything she is feeling, and have a screaming orgazum. usualy used to set someone up for a bad spring break or p. hilton.
jenny and I played "porn star" last night. we ended the video with a steaming teakettle, what a whore.
by coffeepusher December 15, 2006
fraturnaty imortalized in the song "Im an asshole"
(singing to the tune of found a peanut)
Im an asshole, im an asshole, Im an asshole till I die.
but I'd rather be an asshole than a fucking sigma pi.
"man you are such a sigma pi"
"shut the fuck up! I may be an asshole but never say that I am as bad as a fucking sigma pi! I oughta kick your sig pi cock sucking ass!"
"dude no, in your last bender you blacked out and joined Sigma Pi. that was what I was saying"
"aw fuck! that steel reserve fucked up my life! got any rat poison"
"fuck you! your nothing but a cock sucking sigma pi. I wouldn't help a sigma pi end his own life if he beged, you are just going to have to learn to suck cock."
by coffeepusher November 25, 2006
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