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Noun. chødé wägôn. A vehicle specifically constructed for the sole purpose of transporting chodes.
Hey dude, check out my Mazda Miata. Dope, right?

Man, that's such a chode wagon. Get the fuck out of here.
by cobshlin July 16, 2006
Verb, present progressive. The act of kicknit along the same premises of one's forefathers.
Sup sexy?

Oh, just kicknit old school. Ya know how it is. NYC, ATL, Compton. That's how we do.
by cobshlin July 16, 2006
Verb (present progressive). Slang. See chillin.
Sup peeps?

You know how it is, just kicknit. Yourself?

The same.
by cobshlin July 16, 2006
Noun. The son of the devil. One who is exponentially not chill, and whos extreme unchillness may lead to the apocalypse.
Sup, brah. Wanna chill tonite?

Nah, man. I can't, gotta go to my grammas.

Ah, fuck!! The anti-chill!
by cobshlin July 16, 2006
Verb (present progressive). The act of kicknit to a unfathomable level that could only be described as fatty.
Dude, wanna chill?

Yo, what the fuck! Chillin is so gay. I'd be down for fatty kicknit tho.
by cobshlin July 16, 2006
Verb. Pöp fûking. The act of making love through the use of a turd.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, ahh yeah i love it when that turd thats impaled on your dick smacks against my ass as we're fucking. Ahh yeah thats the shit; keep poop fucking me you nasty baby.
by cobshlin November 25, 2006
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