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Designated Ugly Fat Friend
Two hot chicks at a bar will have a really nasty fat ugly bitch hanging out with them, refered to as a "DUFF".

"Wow that fat DUFF is hanging out with those two attractive ladies, too bad."
by Cobra January 26, 2003
Chill out and take a lude
by Cobra March 14, 2003
The god of the century. The one that will make himself king of the underworld, when he will revive dead fish and bears to be his slaves for life. Not to mention, he has special powers, such as Banning and Locking. Those powers teach idiots a lesson.
All hail CX3K!! As the people at Flecko.net usually say.
by Cobra March 08, 2005
1) to come up short on something. 2)to get {screwed} the short end of the bargain. 3) to lose by some others advantage
ORIGIN: To keep up with the jones' to be in a undesirable position because of someone else's improved position.
When I went to the bathroom I got jonesed because someone used the last of the tissue and did not replace it!
by cobra March 31, 2004
Referred to when a punishing hit is delievered in an athletic event. Known as "bringing the wood" or "laying the wood." Hits oftentimes leave opponents crippled for life which is incouragable as it brings prestige to those who "bring the wood"
Coach: Ok Tommy, You're big and black you should be able to bring the wood here and put their white QB out of the game.

In Game: Tommy gets his black ass owned by the white guy as he lays the wood on him.

Tommy now lives in a wheelchair and shits himself regularly
by Cobra March 24, 2005
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