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A 'shitburb' describes a municipality that is technically a suburb but is as bad or worse than the inner cities suburbanites try to flee. (nonetheless, the burbs are home to a species of human known as the wigger)

'Shitburbs' are often in the inner ring of suburbs but may lie outside of it as well. The streets are often lined with trailer parks, Section 8 housing, and vacant shopping centers. The few tenants in the shopping centers are quite familiar to ghetto residents, and include such places as pawn shops, payday loan stores, plasma donation centers, dollar stores, nail salons, social service agencies and the like.

Shitburbs are not always populated by minorities, they are often home to white trash as well. Don't be shocked to see $30,000 trucks with duallys parked in front of rusty trailers.

Though there are jobs in shitburbs, they are usually of the heavy industrial type and the workers leave-quickly-as soon as they punch out.

Most major metro areas have one or more shitburbs, and some examples include Harvey, Illinois (Chicago); East St Louis, Illinois (St Louis); and Cudahy, Wisconsin (Milwaukee)
Joe left his declining neighborhood and moved to a shitburb. That guy just has no luck
by cmb53233 July 01, 2006
Surprisingly Milwaukee like Chicago has their own version of the North Shore called well, the North Shore. Consisting of the Milwaukee suburbs of Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, Fox Point, Glendale, Brown Deer, River Hills, and Bayside. Some indeed also would throw in the Ozaukee County municipalities of Cedarburg and Mequon. (What kind of place is Ozaukee County? Just imagine a place where Hitler, Martha Stewart, and Felix from 'The Odd Couple' all got their own way. It's that scary.)

Like their counterparts in Chicago's North Shore the residents of Milwaukee's North Shore are very, very white (save for Glendale and Brown Deer, home to Milwaukee's few wealthy blacks that haven't moved back to the South) and very, very wealthy: poor people there are defined as those who have only a 3-series BMW or a C-class Benz. Though home to many 'limousine liberals' that prattle on about the perils and tribulations of minorities and the working class, North Shore residents stand firmly behind their police departments who love nothing better than to hassle black or white working class motorists.

The average North Shore resident has graduated from the greatly overrated Nicolet High School and has never heard anything but utter praise throughout his or her existence. Also prevalent amongst the female population there is a "disease" called bulima: apparently affluence is so difficult that they have to eat perfectly good meals and vomit them up.
I got rich on the market and moved to the North Shore-I was afraid to catch cooties from the blacks.
by cmb53233 July 03, 2006

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