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A small, over-policed, self-proclaimed quaint city in southeastern Wisconsin that is full of children pissed off at how conservative their parents are. To feel like individuals they lash out in various ways mainly by listening to jam bands, doing drugs, growing shitty dreads, drinking coffee, and complaining about suburban woes that happen every day in real cities.
by Melvin Ledvina August 11, 2009
A small town in South-Eastern Wisconsin where 99.9% of people are upper class. Most student cars are nicer then cars in the teacher parking lot. You go to a school where sports dominate. You used to be in competition with Graton, but they suck so bad that you are much more on the level of Mequon. You walk downtown every friday and smoke weed at Cedar Creek Park.
Pete: wanna go get some dank shit?
Sam: Yea man the best stuff is in Cedarburg
by cedarburg owns all March 25, 2010

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