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Iam from Glasgow and it means a young scumbag, council house, non educated, white shell suit (fake designer gear) usually a fake tan although the furthest they have ever been is jail. from the word rob there granny for a drink
a wee ned was seen drinking buckfast up a lane
by Clive October 08, 2003
from the daddy's sauce advert
you are getting daddies sauce tonight love.
by Clive October 08, 2003
a big girls vagina
she had nipples on her like thumbs on a boxers glove, a fanny like a double nugget, she was built for shagging
by Clive October 08, 2003
1. Donkey
2. US variant of arse
by Clive September 07, 2003
a casual eclectic mindfunk sounding music, within a working atmosphere that sounds like a cat from another plane undulating your shatners bassoon
that tune was just surreal eclectic mufty, man!
by clive May 12, 2003
adj. Neither ferocious nor fearsome but an incredibly overwhelmingly scary combination of the two.
My dogs are not ferosome; they are brandishing their teeth in friendship!
by Clive February 11, 2004
a penis
i was playing with kojak's wee helper last night
by Clive October 08, 2003
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