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Inquisitive, quetioning. As if saying (what?)
(in questioning a friend) Yao?
by claypool08 October 26, 2007
The fear of fake or made up words.
I have pseudophobiophobia ahhhh!!!
by claypool08 August 31, 2007
The Party of the century, the celebration of the millenium as according to Newman.
Kramer, you gotta come to the Newmenium!!
by Claypool08 August 28, 2007
The act of rape in which both parties consent, it has commonly been associated with plain old sex...
Guy 1: I totally consensualised this chick the other night
Guy 2: Oh snap!
by claypool08 March 17, 2009
The exact middle of the extreemes of both the Liberal and the Conservative party. Extreeme right being Libertarian, and the extreeme left being communistic. also occasionally associated with Libernist but haveing completely different meaning.
Republican? Democrat? No way dude, Im Commutarian.
by Claypool08 May 06, 2008
A mythological creature that preys on young couples making out in cars, is known to reside in school buildings, churches, and teenagers basements.
Whatch out guys, its a fucking goatman!
by Claypool08 August 15, 2007
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