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A very slow-witted individual, usually one who states the most obvious thing.
A: Hey, water's wet!
B: Good call, Captain Obvious!
by Clarissa June 21, 2003
A person who essentially "switches" from friend to friend, party to party, trying to attain the most networking contacts and befriend the most people. A fairly shallow individual, this person seeks out other like individuals to extend their network further and further, leeching off of the individuals with healthy relationships.
Damnit, she fucking bailed on me again. I hate switchers.
by Clarissa June 17, 2003
1. A blimp constructed of wordshit
2. An exceedingly overweight and possibly unclean individual.
Holy crap, look at that shit blimp walking this way!
by Clarissa June 17, 2003
A sixteenth of hash.
I've smoked it all mate, all I have left is a teenth.
by Clarissa November 27, 2003
A four wheel drive front engine car. It is heavy so many drivers of this vehicle practice grip driving. It is so heavy actually, that not many owners of this car can actually drive it.
"dude, that guy in the R34 is all for show. He doesn't even know heel and toe"
by clarissa December 14, 2003
a selected person/few people who think they are God's gift to the band. They walk around the band room talking to the band director about "highly" important matters. They talk to other band members occasionally, but only if they have a special status, other band members are too lowly to talk to them. They also enjoy flaunting their reputation in any way possible. But when it all boils down, are not at all important because no one really watches them anyways.
Dan: I'm a drum major
Band student: why the freak would you want to be that
Dan: because Im cool
Band Student: u suck
Dan: oh yeah!? I'll have to talk to Mr. Band director about you!!
Band Student: oh yeah?!?! Your momma!!
Dan: *runs off crying*
by Clarissa July 31, 2004

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