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A large person you follow behind to get to the front of a crowded bar. Similar to how a running back follows an offensive lineman in football.
Chris: I've been waiting in this line for like 10 minutes, how'd you get drinks so fast?

Geo: I used Duke's giant girlfriend, Stacey as my lead blocker to push to the front.

Chris: She's quite the battering ram.
by ckwon December 24, 2011
In texting, one uses a wide variety and number of emoji/emoticons.
These are some emorgi symbols.

:-) :) :o) :] :3 :c) :> =] 8) =) :} :^) :っ)>:P :-P :P X-P x-p xp XP :-p :p =p :-Þ :Þ
>: :-( :( :-c :c :-< :っC :< :- : :{<3 </3}:-) }:) 3:-) 3:)o/\o ^5 >_>^ ^<_<
:-D :D 8-D 8D x-D xD X-D XD =-D =D =-3 =3 B^D>:O :-O :O °o° °O° :O o_O o_0 o.O 8-0
by CKWon May 03, 2013

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