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Also, wanxiety.

1. Psychiatry . a state of apprehension and psychic tension related to one's conviction of the inadequacy of his wang.
2. distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear for one's wang. See also 'dickstress' or 'cockcern'.

Synonym: wangst
1. Charles: "Maybe you should get circumsized? I hear it makes your dick look bigger and may decrease your wangxiety."

Aaron: "Nah, I talked to a doctor and he argued against it. That was when I was seeing a doc about my dick fungus and my dick fungus was because I never knew I could pull my foreskin back all the way my whole life so the smegma accumulated and then I had a fear of pulling it back...then I finally did and now I'm clean lol."

2. When James Bond was kept restrained while a laser beam inched toward his groin, he was likely in a state of extremely high wangxiety.
by cjfinks September 16, 2010
verb, -ated, -ating.
noun, -ation.

A cross between the verbs "to mingle" and the biological definition of "coagulate" (ie. form a clot). Comingulation can only occur while intoxicated, and with prior hesitation to it's use in a sentence.
Hey, what do you say we...go...comingulate with those girls over there?

I quite enjoyed...comingulating with you ladies this evening.

Oh my god that guy is so smart. Did you hear that word he used? Co..mingusomething?? Wow!!

by cjfinks February 26, 2008
A term used to describe a word that can be written entirely in the symbols of atomic elements.
Raffensperger is most certainly NOT a raffensperger.

Porn is a raffensperger.
by cjfinks February 23, 2008
A dad joke sounds like a bad joke, but it's not.
Dad: My son says I only make 'dad jokes'. What's a 'dad joke'?
Dad: "A dad joke" sounds like "a bad joke", but it's not.
Dad: Got it. Thanks, dad.
by cjfinks August 30, 2015
A common mispelling of the name "Amelia" most frequently occuring on birth certificates
and personal identification cards.
Amalia: Hi, I'm Amalia.
Brad: That's fucked.
by cjfinks February 23, 2008
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