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Remember that guy Donkey Lips from Salute your Shorts? That's Sashanan.
Donkey Lips: I'VE BEEN AT GAMEFAQS FOR FOUR YEARS, BOW DOWN TO ME! *eats seven hamburgers*
by CJayC February 01, 2005
There are two kinds:

1) the good ones, filled with the stuff I had meant LUE for. They must be helped out.

2) the bad ones, filled with the garbage that made me put up restrictions on LUE. I will hunt them down, and when I do, I will punish them the same way I did to LUE.
1) There aren't many good Mini LUEs out there. But I'll find and protect them.

2) Tales of Symphonia Social Board is a bad Mini LUE.
by CJayC December 03, 2004
God of account jacking in the world of GameFAQs spinoffs.
Wow, Magus Machine sure is better than me!
by CJayC November 13, 2003
The ultimate insult to a "gangsta",
note: this is not rascism, because it refers to any one who dresses like a "gangsta" thus removing it from the rascist catigory.
That 50 cents, he is the biggest gheytter I ever seen.
by Cjayc May 20, 2003
Great person. Wrote Sonic Adventure 3: The Return plus lots of other great stories.
by CJayC April 07, 2003
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