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The act of cleaning or polishing ones bicycle rims.
I'm giving the village bike a rim-job tommorow
by Cid September 22, 2002
a fish related to the perch, freshwater and is very tasty
pass me that walleye; damn thats a good eating fish
by cid July 09, 2004
abstefodyscm is the condition of being a bunch of pale ass albino niggers who play counterstrike (nerds, fags, niggers, bitches)
wow this fucking reject suffers from abstefodyscm.
by cid July 09, 2004
Most dangerous hacker of all time. Notorious for deleting nonexistant files on your hard drive. Avoid at all costs!
xSHOHx: guy , shou hazuki is big timer hacker .
by Cid February 18, 2003
Sweet Kind Gentle Soul with So much to Give to the World yet no Understanding how.
by Cid September 09, 2003
To cuddle or snuggle with some chick with no hope of getting laid.
Kevin bailed on us to go hang out and fock with his new girlfriend.
by Cid April 30, 2003
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