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translation: get off my case you old fogey!
used by pauly shore in encino man.
mr morgan, if your all edged cuz im wheezin off your grindage, just chill cuz if i had the whole brady bunch thing happenin at my pad, id go grind over there. so DONT TAX MY GIG SO HARD-CORE, CRUSTER!
by cibyl June 18, 2003
to mooch, take advantage of, or enjoy without proper consent
1. one might "wheeze the juice" while drinking slurpee straight from the nozle
2."if you're all edged cuz i'm WHEEZIN off your grindage just chill" = if your upset cuz i'm moochin off of you, relax.
by cibyl June 20, 2003
to mooch according to Pauly Shore in Encino Man
see other definition
by cibyl June 20, 2003
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